Monday, January 23, 2012

Rumor: Atoms For Peace

Back on September 21st, 2011 Thom Yorke was a guest on Gilles Peterson's Radio 1 show. Thom revealed that Radiohead will be touring in 2012 saying that "The idea is to go out and play next year on and off during the year." He also went on to say that Atoms For Peace album was on the verge of being completed. Atoms For Peace includes Red Hot Chili Peppers bass player Flea, Nigel Godrich, Mauro Refosco and Joey Waronker. The band have already played a couple of shows back in 2010 and now are set to release a proper album. Thom stated that touring with Atoms For Peace "sparked something off, it was really exciting... It had really good energy."  Flea has also mentioned the new album in an interview, and Nigel Godrich has been confirmed as producer. 

Today there has been a rumor going around that the Atoms For Peace album will be announced tonight at midnight. Details on the rumor, well there are not many but you can be the judge. The brand new record label 'Occupation Records' will be launching at midnight, January 24th, and what better way to launch a new record label then to have its first release be Atoms For Peace.  This rumor could be shot down quickly as The Guardian are now reporting that the Occupation Records label's first release will be an album titled Folk The Banks and will be the first of a projected four album series.

Pitchfork also commented on Thom Yorke, Massive Attack and Tim Goldsworthy that they would be having something on the label back on December 6th, 2011 so Thom already has ties with Occupation Records . Also check out this music boards speculation on the release. Whatever the deal though, 2012 will for sure have an Atoms For Peace album, the title, date, tracklist, and artwork is all just a big To Be Determined. 

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