Tuesday, January 3, 2012


For some time now, I have been super excited for the release of local Utah band Desert Noises album 'Mountain Sea'. I recently threw a few questions over to front man Kyle Henderson and discussed Desert Noises busy 2011 schedule and what they have planned for 2012. I will have an album review of 'Mountain Sea' up in the next week. Mountain Sea is available now over at itunes and you can view the stellar video for 'Oak Tree' below.

JB: Talk about your path as a band from your EP in 2009 to your full-length debut in Mountain Sea?
KH: Its been kind of hectic. Shortly after the release of the EP, I stopped doing the Desert Noises thing and started to play bass for Joshua James.  After touring around the country I decided I really wanted to take the Desert Noises music seriously. Their were a few line up changes and also recording "Mountain Sea" last year we toured 7 months out of the year.  Its been a lot of hard work but we've had incredible experiences that I would never trade.

JB: What was the recording process like for Mountain Sea? Did you guys have a clear vision of the record right from the start?
KH: We recorded the basics of the record live so we had to have a pretty clear vision of what we wanted going in.  The record took a lot longer then we planned for because of Joshua's touring schedule but i think it helped in the big picture of the sound.

JB: For a band out of Provo, UT you guys sure hit the road hard touring. What type of reception do you guys get outside of Utah? Also, after the albums release will you guys hit the road once again?
KH: We have had an amazing reception.  I think we have had a lot of good luck on our side this last year.  We should be taking off in the spring again.

JB: The modern day music industry seems to push singles and individual songs and pays little attention to albums as a whole - How does your work on Mountain Sea compare to this strategy?
KH: I think each song has its place on Mountain Sea. It is a full record and was planned that way. Without one of the tracks it wouldn't feel complete like it does now.

JB: Who are your main influences as artists?
KH: Each of us in the band has our own influences.  They are so insanely different, but for me I would have to say old Modest Mouse stuff. Its brilliant.

JB: What local band out of Utah are people missing out on?
KH: The Mighty Sequoyah and Lake Island

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