Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dr Dog Live Review (Urban Lounge)

Pennsylvania based band, Dr. Dog is currently on tour in support of their new album "Be the Void," having played Urban Lounge (Salt Lake City) Saturday, February 4th. Wearing their own retro Dr. Dog hats, the six members took the stage to a sold out crowd. Seeming energetic, they didn't waste much time by diving into "That Old Black Hole," off their new album. The spirited crowd immediately began dancing and singing, which stayed consistant throughout the night.

The band played a welcomed lengthy set, mostly songs from "Be the Void" and "Shame, Shame." However, they did throw some older songs in the mix like "The Beach" from the album "Fate" with Leaman's powerful vocals enough to send chills down your spine. Also, playing new slower songs such as "Do the Trick" sung by McMicken and more fast paced songs such as "Lonesome" again sung by Leaman. They also played classics like "Stranger," "Shadow People," "Mirror Mirror," and others from "Shame, Shame." After easily playing for over an hour, they left the stage only for a few minutes, coming back for the encore eventually closing with a spectacular performance of "Jackie Wants a Black Eye."

From a personal standpoint, Urban Lounge can be a tricky place to play. Being a smaller club, sometimes it is hard to get the sound just right. But with that being said, Dr. Dog nailed it. One thing about playing smaller clubs like Urban is you really have the opportunity for a more intimate show.

I've been a longtime fan of Dr. Dog for many reasons. One of those reasons is that I can listen to any of their albums from front to back over and over again. They played literally every song I wanted to hear. "Jackie Wants a Black Eye" couldn't have been a more perfect way to end the night. The whole set was dead on, the sound was great, the crowd was great, the night was perfect. The band was incredibly energetic, sincere, and genuinely seemed like that really wanted to be there. Biased as I may be, I truthfully recommend attending one of their live shows when the opportunity presents itself.

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