Monday, February 6, 2012

Play It Forward: All The Young

All The Young are a band that take pride in bringing back guitar music to the British rock scene. Brothers, Ryan (Guitar) and Jack (Bass) Dooley, mixed in with lead guitarist David Cartwright create a heavy laden guitar mash up that is set to put indie rock aside and give old-time guitar Rock n Roll a rebirth. Leadman Ryan has this to say about the band...
"The thing is, I can understand as much as anyone right now why there's been a lull in proper guitar tunes," "People have been waiting for something bigger to come along. When there’s a lull it made me want it more and fuelled the hunger for it."

They have their debut album, 'Welcome Home' set for an April 2nd release date in the UK, via 14th Floor Records. As far as USA fans go, the wait may take a little bit longer, but they do have a live album available for a free download -- Live at The Kings Hall, Stoke On Trent, which can be downloaded here.  Also check out the videos below for album tracks, 'The Horizon', 'Welcome Home', 'The First Time' and 'Quiet Night In'. 


Getting to Know All The Young:

Band Members:
Ryan Dooley (vocals/guitar)
David Cartwright (lead guitar)
Jack Dooley (bass/vocals)
Will Heaney (drums)

Welcome Home Track Listing:
01. Another Miracle
02. Today
03. The First Time
04. Arcane
05. The Horizon
06. Quiet Night In
07. Chase
08. Here To Stay
09. New Education
10. Welcome Home

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