Thursday, February 9, 2012

Play It Forward: Apes & Horses

Apes & Horses are a 4-piece band out of Paris, France. Right now the band is somewhat of a mystery and a little bit undercover (See Picture Above). I did find a couple of videos online that had me gasping in excitement. The first video is for a song titled 'The Fields' and it was performed live in Paris while they were supporting WU LYF on tour. The song is a groovy french jam that shows the bands already strong stage presence. 'Miracles' is the other song that they have floating around online and it has a bit of a lo-fi sound to it but at the same time is very thick with its bass guitar and builds momentum throughout. The vocals are outstanding and Apes & Horses already sounds like a household name, and their live show is about as tight as can be for such a new band. Take the sounds of fellow French band Air and mix in a little WU LYF and some Foals vocals and you would get close to what Apes & Horses have to offer.

You can also take a stroll over to the bands MySpace page and get a couple of other listens to some of their tunes, 'Banished Boy' and 'Blow Dylan's Foundation' and gain further proof that this is a band to watch out for in 2012. 


Getting To Know Apes & Horses:

Band Members:

Miracle from APES & HORSES on Vimeo.

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