Friday, February 3, 2012

Play It Forward: Citizens!

Citizens! are an instantly catchy indie/dance-pop, band out of London. I would classify their sound as a Franz Ferdinand meets The Rapture with a little bit of David Bowie thrown in the mix. Their newest single 'Reptile' will be released March 19th on Kitsune Records, and it offers an outstanding, refreshing new sound. Go back a few months and check out older single 'True Romance', and it also delivers in a big way. With the early recordings of Citizens!, you would think they are in for a massive following once their debut album is released later this year.

As for now it is kind of hard to find any solid information on the band, and what their story really is.   Over on Kitsune, they state that they are trying to make a bold statement to reclaim Pop, because "Pop is not a dirty word. It's a holy one."  (Mike)  They try to treat their recordings like a game or an experiment, so they don't copy what has been done by other musicians in the past.  "It's us against the world, (says Lawrence) we make our own rules and we take them very seriously.  But it works because we don't take ourselves seriously while we do it." 

With all the mystic surrounding Citizens!, now is the time to discover these guys and enjoy their music.  #PlayItForward       

Getting To Know Citizens!:

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