Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Play It Forward: Clock Opera

The London, 4-piece, Clock Opera are set to release their debut album 'Ways To Forget' on April 9th, on Moshi Moshi/Island Records. Their sound is a more of the relaxing avant, indie pop variety and it may have been mis-labeled as "Pop-Chop".  I hear hints of Keane and Elbow as lead man, Guy Connelly excels in his vocals and then as the rest of the music melodies flow there are hints of Panda Bear and Animal Collective.

Clock Opera have been around a few years releasing singles and various videos but they haven't had a proper album released. The debut album 'Ways To Forget' is set to feature 10 very strong and polished tunes from the band and help bring them to the forefront in the music world. The melodies in their songs have a lingering affect, making you want to continue to listen and discover their music again and again. The band is honest and real, as they play to their strengths and never try to be anything different. 


Getting To Know Clock Opera:

Band Members:
Guy Connelly
Andy West
Che Albrighton
Dan Armstrong

Ways to Forget Tracklisting:
01. Once and for All
02. Lesson No. 7
03. 11th Hour
04. Man Made
05. Belongings
06. White Noise
07. A Piece of String
08. The Lost Buoys
09. Move to the Mountains
10. Fail Better

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