Thursday, February 16, 2012

Play It Forward: Dog Is Dead

Dog Is Dead is a 5-piece band out of Nottingham that are picking up some very good speed in the year 2012. The band formed in 2008 and went on to self release a trilogy of singles, 'Young', 'Glockenspiel Song' and 'River Jordan'. They have since recorded 3 EP's 'Dog Is Dead', 'Your Childhood' and 'Confessions' and now have a a brand new single 'Two Devils' which is set to be released on March 4th. They have gained some exposure by appearing as themselves in the British TV series Skins. The closing scene of the fifth series featured the band in a marquee playing "Glockenspiel Song", with most of the series' characters singing along: "We are a mess. We are failures and we love it".

Dog Is Dead started out playing live gigs in their parents gardens and have moved on as a headline act and as a supporting act for Bombay Bicycle Club, Tribes and Viva Brother, and performing at a handful of festivals. They also recently signed to music monster Atlantic Records, only further raising the excitement for the band. Frontman Rob Milton said it best: "It's been a really weird and strange ride as well as being everything we wanted to be doing."

The song that really got me hooked on these guys is 'Young'. That song can be put on repeat as it has anthem qualities, and can be enjoyed over and over again. The harmonies in this song are just perfect, and it helps to create a monster chorus that is magic to the ears. Dog Is Dead are set up nicely to take 2012 by storm and really break out.


Getting To Know Dog Is Dead:

Band Members:
Robert Milton (lead vocals + guitar/bass)
Joss Van Wilder (keyboard)
Trev (bass/sax)
Paul Roberts (guitar)
Daniel Harvey (drums)

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