Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Play It Forward: Hypno Safari

2011 gave us the lush sound of Boise, Idaho's, Youth Lagoon. 2012 gives us a similar sound out of Boise, Idaho, titled Hypno Safari. Hypno Safari actually consist of Trevor Powers' (Youth Lagoon) friend and bassist, Logan Hyde. Taking a few long listens at the two songs 'Shade' and 'Home' that I could find online, I was amazed at the fuzzed out surfer pop sound and it only fueled Hyde's mystic to me. Hyde's sound is about as honest as you can find as it hooks you in with the big guitar riffs and his hypnotizing vocals.  Both tracks, 'Shade' and 'Home' have put me on the edge of my seat only wanting to hear more,  and what else could you want from a musician.

#Play It Forward

Getting To Know Hypno Safari:
Interesting as everything on Hypno Safari has been pulled from Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Must be part of his mystic, doing a WU LYF but just backwards.

Band Members:
Logan Hyde

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