Monday, February 13, 2012

Play It Forward: JAWS

I was tipped off about the Birmingham band, JAWS from fellow Birmingham band Peace who I did a Play It Forward feature on last week. So in reality this actually could be the first True "Play It Forward" feature that FPT has produced. Digging for any info on JAWS online is going to be like pulling teeth. The band is rather new and the only music that I could track down was the fantastic Demo titled 'Cameron'. The song is a beautiful indie shoegaze anthem, that puts the mind at ease and into a day dream effect.

The one place online that you can stay up to date with the band is on their Facebook Page. It looks like they created their Facebook page on February 9th and only 5 days later they are up to 150+ likes. For a band not having any identity just yet and word of mouth (or as I like to call it... Play it Forward) pushing their music to others, that is pretty impressive.  Take a listen to the Demo 'Cameron' and follow the band as they have promised more songs in the near future.  For me it was impossible to listen to 'Cameron' just once, and not want to hit the replay button over and over again.  The song has a perfect chilled out melody, and begs the listener to want to hear more.


Getting To Know JAWS:

Band Members:
Connor: singing/guitar/keyboards
Andy: singing/guitar
Reece: Guitar
Alex: Bass
Eddy: Drums

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