Thursday, February 23, 2012

Play It Forward: Pandercakes

Pandercakes are a 4-piece band out of Columbia, South Carolina and peg themselves on their Facebook page to be in the Fogpop genre.  They are signed to the artsy, Post-Echo label and have been picking up some nice compliments of late from fellow SC musician Toro Y Moi who recently blogged about them.  The band have put together a fresh, down to earth indie sound that is only continuing to evolve with each new song. 

Their newest song 'Paint By Numbers' has a very fun and unique sound to it.  It has the resemblance of four friends in a band that just love to create something new and are proud of their finished product.  You can hear in this song that each of the band members help in the finished process in putting their talents together to create music that they believe in.  Pandercakes like to mix it up with different instruments, ideas, and take some additional chances that help set them apart. Others may shy away from taking the same musical chances but for Pandercakes it helps in their intrigue factor, which in turn gives them an edge that is so critical in the music world.


Getting To Know Pandercakes:

Band Members:
Joel B. Floyd Jr.
Logan Goldstein
Desirée Richardson
Phillip Soellner

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