Friday, February 24, 2012

Play It Forward: S.C.U.M

S.C.U.M are a 5 member band out of London, that have a rather large cult-like following in their homeland and are flying under the radar here in the USA. Their debut album, Again Into Eyes was released back in October of last year to rave reviews and the praise is only continuing. Bandmates Cohen and Baker met back in 2008 and called themselves the Society for Cutting Up Men, and they went on to add 3 additional members, Kilcoyne, Webb and Rigby, to the band. Their sound is a very unique one that is full of buzz and energy, as the young band demonstrate that they are not afraid to take chances musically. They are signed to the great label of Mute and have had quite the journey since Cohen and Baker's meeting back in 2008. Baker gives an accurate description of the bands progression...
"If you were to listen to our releases up to this point, they form a complete document of how we've developed"

The band have some early Joy Division tendencies with a modern day Horrors sound to them. Their music is fresh, new and most of all it is a mystery to the listener and can be listened to exactly that way.  The track 'Whitechapel' is a perfect example of the bands enormous talent.  There is no right or wrong way of how to classify S.C.U.M or how to listen to their music, you just have to sit back and experience your own personal S.C.U.M musical journey.


Getting To Know S.C.U.M:

Band Members:
Thomas Cohen: vocals, sampler
Bradley Baker: machines
Samuel Kilcoyne: ivory
Huw Webb: bass
Melissa Rigby: drums

Again Into Eyes Tracklisting:
01.Faith Unfolds
02.Days Untrue
03.Cast Into Seasons
04.Amber Hands
05.Summon The Sound
06.Sentinal Bloom

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