Monday, March 26, 2012

CONTEST: Sharon Van Etten & The War On Drugs Tickets

Ok I have had the date March 27th marked on my calendar for sometime now in anticipation of the Sharon Van Etten & The War On Drugs Co-Headlining show at The State Room in Salt Lake City, Utah. Well it turns out that March 27th falls on the same day I have my Hockey Championship game and can't make the show (Yes I know, I am a Canadian Homer). Now I have 2 tickets to the show that I have to give away to one lucky winner, here in the Salt Lake City area. If you would like to win a pair of tickets for Sharon Van Etten & The War On Drugs at The State Room on Tuesday March 27th here is what you need to do.

Like us on Facebook here, or Follow us on Twitter @FakePlasticTune.  And also follow SVE on Facebook here.  Then post a comment in this Contest post on the Blog saying that you have entered and provide some wacky comment about Fake Plastic Tunes and what you like best about both artists.  The deadline to enter is Monday, March 26th at Noon, then I will take all the legit entries and pick my favorite post and declare it the winner.  Good Luck!

Check out the newest Sharon Van Etten video 'Leonard' below along with The War on Drugs exceptional 'Baby Missiles' video.  This is a night of live music that is a must for music fans here in SLC, UT. 

"Leonard" by Sharon Van Etten from Secretly Jag on Vimeo.


  1. I am entering not with a 'wacky comment,' but with a sad story. I was in Chicago excited to see the War on Drugs with a friend. He insisted that we purchase tickets online and print them out. I thought that since we were already out, it would be a hassle and that we could just buy them at the door. Surely the show would not sell out. Well, it did. And instead we went a got crappy tacos. Here is my chance to make up for it.

    PS I like FPT cause it's lOcAl

  2. Hi there. I'd like to enter this SVE contest. Fake Plastic Tunes, your can't be quantified. I love everything about SVE! I'm smitten, I'm in deep smit. Her music hits me unlike anything else and she's one of my all time favorite artists. The War on Drugs is a quality band and their album is solid. Their album cover is decidedly cool and looking at it for long makes you feel like you're losing said war. And The State Room is a great venue to see these amazing musicians. I would love the tickets..."and I don't think I need much more than that." Cheers.

  3. Alrighty the time has come. So only two entries which is very sad I might add. Anyways 50/50 shot ain't bad. Well I actually just did a heads or tails to decide since both comments were great.

    Looks like Pete is the winner! Enjoy the tickets my friend. Email me your name and I will get you set up for the Guest List and a +1. email me at

  4. Pete, my friend, if you can't go, gimmie a hollar at

  5. James! That was an amazing show! Thanks again. Jesse, I'm sorry but I hope you were able to make it as well.