Friday, March 23, 2012

Play It Forward: Evil Eyes

Play It Forward is back in a big way today, introducing a duo out of San Francisco called Evil Eyes. The band consist of Greg Mabry and Joe Frabotta, who are a Do It Yourself band in everyway, as they promote their own music and share it personally with the world to hear. Their music is a nice touch of indie and 90's shoegaze and the duo hit some smooth notes on their debut EP Evil Eyes which you can have for free over on Bandcamp. The beach harmonies and fuzzy vocals work so well together as they are layered with some catchy guitar riffs.

My favorite track out of the four on the EP would have to be 'Saw Her In The Sun' which at first listen sounds very simple, but after going back and taking some additional listens it comes at me as a jammed packed tune full of meaning and life. A good comparison for Evil Eyes would be old school Echo & The Bunnymen meets new school Beach Fossils. The music has a very homely, chill aspect to it and that is what helps connect the listener.


Getting To Know Evil Eyes:

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