Monday, March 5, 2012

Radiohead - Dallas 3/5/2012 SETLIST

Radiohead hit Dallas, Texas, American Airlines Center tonight for the 5th stop on their World Tour. The band are coming off of a massive performance in Houston (3/3/12) which saw them play new songs 'Identikit' and 'Cut A Hole' along with tour debuts '15 Step', 'These Are My Twisted Words', and the echoing finale 'Paranoid Android.

Once again the combo of Feral/Idioteque is right in the middle, and the band played new song 'Identikit' and 'The Amazing Sounds of Orgy' for the first time ever live. 'Climbing Up The Walls' also made the tour debut along with a 'Skirting On The Surface' as Radiohead debut it as part of the bands second encore. It was a great night in Dallas with plenty of surprises from the band and the second straight show in Texas that had the electrifying Paranoid Android finish.

I will update videos as they become available.

Dallas, TX 3/5/2012 SETLIST:
01. Bloom
02. Little By Little
03. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
04. Morning Mr Magpie
05. The Gloaming
06. The Daily Mail
07. Pyramid Song
08. The Amazing Sounds of Orgy (LIVE DEBUT)
09. Karma Police
10. 15 Step
11. Staircase
12. Identikit (NEW SONG)
13. Lotus Flower
14. There There
15. Feral
16. Idioteque
17. Separator
18. Climbing Up The Walls (TOUR DEBUT)
19. Bodysnatchers
20. True Love Waits / Everything In Its Right Place
21. Give Up The Ghost
22. Skirting On The Surface (NEW SONG)
23. Reckoner
24. Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android

The Amazing Sounds of Orgy

Skirting On The Surface


  1. great show! incredibly concise and tight. new songs Identikit and Skirting (or Skimming, haha) On the Surface were fantastic and certainly my new favorites.

    I did want them to loop back into True Love Waits, but it's ok.

    I believe after Climbing Up the Walls, the crowd really responded to it and Thom kind of chuckled and said "wow, thanks".

    After another one of the new songs, he said something along the lines of "well that was a new song, but it's probably already up on Youtube now. I've learned to stop checking for it". Wasn't snarky, just kind of having fun.

  2. Thanks for the comments Bran. Sounds like a great show and a nice personal touch from Thom. The YouTube comment is so true, with everyone and their dog now having an iphone it is pretty easy to get a video up.

    It is crazy that a band as big as Radiohead never have to worry about any type of Press anymore. They just have to play their songs and their fans will do all the work for them. That is a once in a lifetime band there.