Friday, March 9, 2012

Radiohead - St. Louis, MO 3/9/2012 SETLIST

St. Louis, Missouri is the 7th stop on Radiohead's, The King of Limbs Tour. The band have showed no signs of slowing down and continue to please crowds with setlists that are heavy on the dark, mysterious, and glorious sounds of their newest album. The venue tonight is at the Scottrade Center and marks the first Radiohead concert in St. Louis since back in 2003 & 2008.

What should fans expect tonight you might ask? Well look for the evening to get kick started with tour opener 'Bloom' and then the band to dive deep into their recent darker catalog, and give the audience a new magical journey. The combo of Feral/Idioteque will be sure to drop near the close of the set, and then a grand encore, and an even grander double encore to end the night with the possibility of 'Paranoid Android' closing things out. Could we have a few surprises in tonight's Setlist? Sure thing as the band stated in a Rolling Stone interview that they have 75+ songs waiting to be played...
"Yorke revealed that Radiohead have worked up more than 75 songs for this tour, including additional new songs and deep-track B-sides."

I will update the setlist, photos, and videos as they all become available. Enjoy the show St. Louis.

St. Louis, MO 3/9/2012 SETLIST:
01. Bloom
02. 15 Step
03. Airbag
04. Little By Little
05. Morning Mr. Magpie
06. Myxomatosis
07. Kid A
08. Videotape (TOUR DEBUT)
09. The Daily Mail
10. The Amazing Sounds of Orgy
11. Karma Police
12. Identikit (NEW SONG)
13. Lotus Flower
14. There There
15. Feral
16. Reckoner
17. Separator
18. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
19. Lucky (TOUR DEBUT)
20. Everything in its Right Place
21. Give Up The Ghost
22. You and Whose Army?
23. Idioteque

'Videotape' -- Pretty awesome visual here with all the screens floating around on stage


  1. Amazing show and the crowd was so loud. A really interesting play list. Thanks for the great show guys!

  2. Such a great show. One of my favorite concert experiences ever.

    As a side note, I think they played Electioneering instead of Airbag, and they played Staircase somewhere in the middle of the set as well.

  3. They did not play Electioneering or Staircase last night. This setlist is 100% accurate.

  4. "This is what you'll get when you forgeeeeeeeeeeeeet the words..."

  5. Radiohead clearly still has it. Great show!

  6. 3rd time seeing them. I am really glad they didnt play the hits and played what they wanted. Great show! Wasnt what i expected.

  7. Ahhhh such an incredible show - thom was hillareous they all looked like they were having a great time up there. Awesome set list, kid a was a real suprise

  8. They did "The Tourist" somewhere in there. It was in the last few songs.

  9. The only songs they played from OK Computer were Airbag, Karma Police, and Lucky. Not The Tourist and not Electioneering.