Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Reptar Live Review (Kilby Court March 6h)

When I first heard Reptar, they did that thing where I instantly thought, "whoa, what, wait! what and where is this amazingly unique dance driven sound coming from?!" I missed a few of their shows when they had first released Oblangle Fizz Y'all, Body Faucet, and after all the hype about their "must-see live show" I was excited to hear some of their new material, which is just as good as their previous if not better.

The six members (two guitar players, bass, keys, drums, and percussion) came on doing a brief soundcheck and dived into their first song without warning. After a few songs the band had everyone in attendance hold and raise there hands while moving closer to the stage. As the beat dropped everyone dropped their hands in dance. I've always enjoyed the intimacy at Kilby Court, which tends to make shows extra fun.

They played just about all the songs off their EP such as, "Stuck in My ID," and a personal favorite,"Blastoff" which goes into a brief jam before coming back to the main chorus. They also played a handful of new songs including "Sebastian," which was a show highlight and instant hit. The live show was everything I anticipated it to be, energetic with dance driven melodies and a little bit of everything else. The sound was on point throughout the set, the crowd danced with the band. For the last song Quiet Hooves, the opening act, came out adding additional keys and horns. Reptar is blowing up for good reason and I highly look forward to the new album "Body Faucet."

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