Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Team Me - Show Me VIDEO

Here is the official video for 'Show Me', which is taken from Team Me's debut album To The Treetops! Team Me are a band out of Norway and have hit 2012 with the tag of one of the bands to look out for. They first caught my attention with the release of their Team Me EP last year and have only continued to ride the success from that release into electric live shows and now a full-length debut album. Look for their new album To The Treetops! to drop on March 15th.

To The Treetops! Track Listing:
01. Riding My Bicycle (From Ragnvalsbekken To Sorkedalen)
02. Show Me
03. Patrick Wolf & Daniel Johns
04. Weathervanes And Chemicals
05. Fool
06. Dear Sister
07. Favourite Ghost
08. Looking Thru The Eyes Of Sir David Brewster
09. With My Hands Covering Both Of My Eyes I Am Too Scared To Have A Look At You Now
10. Daggers

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