Monday, March 19, 2012

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Portland based indie rock band, Unknown Mortal Orchestra are a trio consisting of Ruban Nielson (Guitar/Vocals), Jake Portrait (Bass), and Julien Ehrilich (drums). In 2011 they released their debut self titled album, which made top 50 albums of the year 2011 lists and "band to watch."

Currently on tour with Girls, UMO played In the Venue (Salt Lake City) Saturday night. They have a incredibly unique lo-fi sound inspired from 60s psychedelic garage rock with distorted guitars and reverb. The sound is hard to grasp, but it works incredibly well, especially live. They played just about all the songs from their well received album including "Ffunny Ffrends," which was a crowd pleaser. They are definitely one of those unique bands you should see live with the opportunity present. At the least check out their album, you won't be disappointed.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra (Self Titled 2011)
1. Ffunny Ffrends
2. Bicycle
3. Thought Ballune
4. Jello And Juggernauts
5. How Can You Luv Me
6. Nerve Damage!
7. Little Blu House
8. Strangers are Strange
9. Boy Witch

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