Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Father John Misty’s Fear Fun

Father John Misty, otherwise known as J. Tillman who is better known for as work with the Fleet Foxes (Drummer) until his departure earlier this year. Is set to release Fear Fun on Sub Pop May 1st.

Tillman has been recording and releasing solo albums since 2003, admitting that the albums were a result of an "immobilizing period of depression," in his Seattle home. He claimed songwriting had always been an "interesting and necessary because he saw it as this vehicle for truth", but eventually had the realization "that all he had really done with it was lick his wounds for years and years, and become more and more isolated from people and experiences, never putting any risk into his music."

He goes on to say, "I lost all interest in writing music or identifying as a 'songwriter'. I got into my van with enough mushrooms to choke a horse and started driving down the coast with nowhere to go. After a few weeks, I was writing a novel, which is where I finally found my narrative voice."

Well, I am overwhelmed with joy he found his narrative voice! With the first track, "Funtimes in Babylon" the album is immediately separated from his previous work as J. Tillman, which strongly utilizes his vocal abilities accompanied by a more upbeat array of instruments. Not to mention the beautifully constructed lyrics which are much more narrative. The album continues on to songs resembling a classic rock/pop sound like "Nancy From Now On" and "I'm Writing a Novel' with the strumming of an acoustic guitar and Tillman again utilizing his vocal range. In the end, I have to say I am a bit sad he left Fleet Foxes, but I Love this album! Listen to it Below!

Fear Fun
1. Funtimes in Babylon
2. Nancy From Now On
3. Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
4. I'm Writing a Novel
5. O I Long to Feel Your Arms Around Me
6. Misty's Nightmares 1 & 2
7. Only Son of the Ladiesman
8. This is Sally Hatchet
9. Well, You Can Do It Without Me
10. Now I'm Learning to Love the War
11. Tee Pees 1-12
12. Everyman Needs a Companion

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