Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lost In The Trees -Live Review- 3/39/12

Lost In The Trees made their way to the State Room just about a week after their newest album A Church That Fits Our Needs hit the shelves. The State Room is one of my favorite venues here in Salt Lake City due to the size of the stage compared to our other venues. LITT first visit to SLC was at Kilby where they had to sit back-to-back-to-back out in the courtyard in order to play an acoustic show, but this time around they had breathing room as well as space for their array of instruments they play with. The band commented on how intimate the show was with most the crowded seated in the dark, and handful of us in their sway by the stage.

 Playing a setlist that heavily favored their third album A Church That Fits Our Needs, and a few tracks from their sophomore album All Alone In An Empty House (sadly no tracks from Time Taunts Me) the band took the small crowd from foot stomps to head nods during the hour they were in the spotlight. On the third song Picker broke a guitar string on his unique guitar and played the remainder of the show with his backup five string guitar. This Dead is Beautiful started off with Picker playing acoustic and the other five members bowing their heads, and slowly built up to all six of them shuffling instruments going straight into Garden full force.

LITT in addition to their awesomeness is very humble. They gave a shout out and $20 to my friend Laura for making Emma her favorite cake for her birthday. The band interacts with their fans via Facebook and Twitter, and has even posted FPT in the past.

Ending with energy of Fireplace the band left the crowd rocked and satisfied for the night. Lost In The Trees is one of my personal favorites and is super good live. Check out their new album and catch them next time they are in town. 

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