Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Lumineers Live Review

Dead Sea

The Lumineers are your new favorite foot-stompin' band to sing along with. After a couple EPs and adding two members to the band, the Lumineers are touring around the country promoting their self-titled full length album. Here in Salt Lake City at the State Room members of the band were joking around interacting before and after the show with the audience.
The venue was dead quiet as the show started with my personal favorite track Slow It Down. The very sad first song went led perfectly into the second Charlie Boy, a song about Wesley's uncle. Starting with the third track I doubt my foot stopped tapping and my hips never stopped a sway the rest of the evening.

It made me laugh to see the keyboardist without shoes on stage. Who does that? Being a new addition to the band, some of the older songs were written without a keyboard leaving this man to shoot pieces of trash in a slingshot at the dancing crowd. Make sure you catch the Lumineers before he gets a foot disease or assault charges. Half the crowd chanted the "HOs" and half the "HEYs" while the band left the stage to sing and jimmy jangle Ho Hey on our level. This is the closest the I think I'll ever get to the band, they're having a breakout year and their fan base is growing fast. 
Since the show I haven't stopped listening to their album and cannot wait until I can get a hardcopy on vinyl next month. Listen to the Lumineers for a ole fashioned singalong and catch them live for a earful of new-aged folk music.

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