Monday, April 30, 2012

M83 Live Review (In the Venue SLC 04/29/2012)

Critically acclaimed M83 played to a full house last night at In the Venue in Salt Lake City. The show started off similar to an of Montreal or Animal Collective-esque set with an actor dressed in an alien like costume, armed raised to amp the crowd up. Shortly thereafter M83, led by French Producer Anthony Gonzalez, took stage. Wasting little time they went into "Intro" from 2011's well received "Hurry Up, We're Dreaming." Following, the band kicked the show off with "Teen Angst" and "A Guitar and A Heart." Aside from Anthony's on point vocals, he switched between guitar, bass, keys, while turning dials which are unknown to me. 

Notably, Morgan Kibby's ambient vocals were an immediate crowd pleaser along with Jordan Lawler's ability to play multiple instruments, with the two often switching positions. Although the set wouldn't be complete without drummer Loic Marin's ability to hold it all together while pouding on the drums. 

M83 played noteable tracks such as "Kim & Jessie" and "Year One, One UFO" which is a more ambient instrumental track. Towards the end of the set, the hit "Midnight City" might have been the icing on the cake as touring member Ian Young ran onto the stage bursting into an unforgettable saxophone solo, which got the crowd going absolutely wild. Young also joined the band onstage again for "Couleurs" during a three song encore, which left the crowd in awe. 

Visually, the band didn't hold anything back with a black backdrop consisting of tiny LEDs and full array of neon and strobe lights, which added to the overall feel of the show. Nonetheless the show was something to remember and I'm sure people will be talking about this one for days to come.

Check out FPT's interview with M83: "Soundcheck with Anthony of M83".


  1. Dang, I missed them at the Fillmore, but caught the live stream from Coachella. Holy guacamole, they played an incredible set. My personal favorite was the song they ended on, Couleurs. YouTube it. Sweet!

  2. Just so you know, they never played "Kim and Jessie". They did, however, play "We Own the Sky".