Wednesday, April 25, 2012

James Iha "Look to the Sky"

Over the years, the possibility of a followup album to James Iha's 1998 "Let it Come Down" has always been there, but it has been mostly speculation. Iha is most commonly known as one of the founding members of the Smashing Pumpkins as well as being a member of A Perfect Circle. Last year he made it apparent that he was almost done with his second solo album. Well, it's done. "Look to the Sky" was released on EMI Music Japan on March 14, with a worldwide release to come later this year. From the teaser below, the album sounds more dynamic than "Let it Come Down" which is mostly acoustic. Personally, I am incredibly excited for this!

Look the the Sky
1. Make Believe
2. Summer Days
3. To Who Knows Where
4. Till Next Tuesday
5. Dream Tonight
6. Dark Star
7. Appetite
8. Gemini
9. Waves
10. Speed of Love
11. 4th of July
12. A String of Words
Japanese Bonus Tracks
13. Diamond Eyes
14.Stay Lost


  1. Looking forward to this too...although I always rather liked the pop nature of his debut.

  2. He seems like a humble guy, gravitating towards positive musical situations.