Monday, April 23, 2012

Play It Forward - Fresh Cut Collective

Milwaukee, Wisconsin has never really been known as a hotbed for up-and-coming musical acts, although there have been a few to come out of the Cream City. However, after living in the city for a couple of years, it's pretty obvious to me that this could (and undoubtedly should) be changing. With that in mind, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Fresh Cut Collective, the most promising hip-hop act to come out of the city, as well as a group of amazing people and artists.

Fresh Cut Collective In Studio
Fresh Cut Collective is comprised of five members (see the line-up below) four of whom perform live instruments accompanied by one lead vocalist. The notion of a hip hop act backed by a live band isn't necessarily new, but FCC does a great job at keeping it intriguing and enchanting. Not to mention that this style of hip hop is the most enjoyable when translated in to a live performance.

The group has just released an album, RE-FRAME (part one), and features some incredible qualities, let alone some entertaining music. The band is not releasing the album on CD form. Instead, Fresh Cut is distributing "Dropcards," a card about the size of a credit card made of biodegradable material that contains a website and download code on the back. After the listener downloads the music, they can bury the card in the ground, and low-and-behold, wildflowers will bloom as the dropcard is lined with seeds.
RE-FRAME (part one)

And the music is just as organic. After giving the album a once-over, it was eminent that the group had just as much fun recording it as the audience will have listening to it. The album delivers an amazing amount of energy, as the group blends a healthy dose of guitar riffs, keyboard hooks, and drums, mixed  with Kiran's cadence and vocal rhythm.

Tracks like "Bangy Bangy," "Go Flash!" and "Errybody Get Loud" bring forth a sound that emulates what FCC is out to accomplish: a natural sound that is transferred beautifully into their live shows. The group initially recorded the pieces to the album individually, but later scrapped the work they had put in, so they could instead record the album together, to deliver a more "natural" sound. The story of the group's efforts put forth is not only impressive, but the result is incredibly exciting to listen to. You can find more information on the band by visiting their website ( and "liking" them on Facebook.

UPDATE: To get the new album, as well as learn more about FCC, check out their Bandcamp Page here:

Meet The Members:
Patricio Amerena: Keys/Synth
Matthew Gorski: Drums
Scott Hlavenka: Bass
Nick Perow: Guitar
Kiran Vee: Vocals

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