Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rusted Root 4/13/2012 - CONCERT REVIEW

While Friday the 13th may be considered to be an unlucky day by some, this past Friday I was lucky enough to be part of the sold out crowd at The State Room for the Rusted Root concert.

Rusted Root have been busy working on a new album to be released later this year and have been trying out the songs on the road as part of their already eclectic live set. The new songs fit in nicely with the older tunes and helped compliment an evening which spanned their twenty plus years as a band.

The opening song of the show was the always energetic “Martyr” which is always a surefire way to get the crowd moving. The energy from the band that transferred into the crows was palpable as we all swung are arms around and moved our bodies to the rhythm of the music.

Next we were treated to favorites “Lost in the Crowd” and “Back to the Earth.” These are fan favorites that didn’t disappoint. As stated previously, new songs were introduced to many of us for the first time and it was a privilege to be witness of such pieces of music before they’ve been released. “Monkey Pants”, “Fortunate Freaks” (the title of their upcoming album) and “Up and Down” were all exceptional and made me more excited for the album to release.

The song, “Cat Turned Blue”, which is always a blast to hear, was made so even more with the inclusion of cover snippets of “Superstition” and the always mind blowing “All Along the Watchtower” which always seems to be a jam band staple.
I would have enjoyed hearing more from the last album, Stereo Rodeo, but was happy with the selection of tunes provided.

The highlight of the evening for me, as it is every time I see them, was the encore of “Ecstasy”. The song begins with percussionists and bass player building a simple beat into a mass crescendo of awesome sound. When singer, Michael Glabicki, comes back out and strums his first chord, the energy in the room reaches an all time high as dancing bodies becoming one intensely formed mass of joy. The band is full swing at this point and the crowed is experiencing joy in its most pure and rawest form.

This was the seventh time I’ve seen the band live and it was a show that I will not soon forget.


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