Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Advance Base - A Shut-In's Prayer REVIEW

Owen Ashworth from Casiotone for the Painfully Alone that called it quits December 2010, is making music again under the project name Advance Base. The 1st full-length album is out May 15th 2012 and is titled: A Shut-In’s Prayer. Advance Base was the name of an Antarctic outpost explorer Richard E. Byrd was trapped for five solid months in 1934 says Ashworth, and was felt an appropriate name for Ashworth’s new project featuring Nick Ammerman, Edward Crouse, and Jody Weinmann.
At first listen, the album beams with loneliness and rapport of an explorer from a century ago trapped in the gray solitude. The same minimalistic aesthetic melody gently resonates throughout the entire album, while a humble drum machine and unblemished Rhodes chords compliment complex lyrics of painful nostalgic, from a yesteryear of fleeted youth. The album is a perfect unit of radiation dosing from headphones to escape from a sanctimonious modern life to a simpler healing of growing up. Riot Grrrls seems to be the 1st single telling a story of young friendships growing up and growing apart as life happens. The opener Summer Love- that painful old breakup grinding at the joints with time like arthritis, and the closer Shut-In River Blues- a increased inevitability through interpretive Rhodes that life can be shut-in.
Advance Base’s A Shut-In Prayer is available on 150gram marble vinyl on the band’s website for a 34 minute shut-in of musical narrative reliving memories.  4.3/5

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