Thursday, May 17, 2012

Album Review- Dinosaur Feathers "Whistle Tips"

It’s hard to find a three-piece pop band that doesn’t sound- well, a little too familiar in some sense. For a band to really flare in a genre full of endless competition, they need to capture the listener’s attention long enough to hook them from multiple angles.

That’s exactly what Dinosaur Feathers does in their sophomore album Whistle Tips released just over a month ago. Think Vampire Weekend minus the attention seeking attitude and boat shoes, add striking guitar riffs, a Mohawk, and some carefree lyrics, and Whistle Tips is left lingering in your brain and bending in your hips. Hard-hitting right from the get go with Young Bucks a sing-a-long anthem. Straight into track two  SURPRISE! a bob your head, tap your foot track. Within the first 10 minutes you’ve already forgotten your favorite songs from 2010’s Fantasy Memorial. DF avoids the sophomore woes many artists tend to face as they start to reinvent themselves as indie pop powerhouses. Certain Times has a guitar solo that’ll make you cringe for not practicing your own guitar more often. The final track No Man’s Gospel will remind you more of Fantasy Memorial slowing down the pace slightly in the beginning and wrapping the album up in a Whistle Tips fashion. 

Dinosaur Feathers is currently touring the states and Whistle Tips is available at your local music store 4.4/5 stars. 

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