Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Yeasayer - Henrietta

Fellow blogger We All Want Someone To Shout For reported yesterday that Yeasayer's new song 'Henrietta' appeared online shortly after the band shipped physical CD's of the song to fans on their mailing list. The song is very Yeasayer-ish with the perfect blend of electro grooves and hush vocals. The band's singer and keyboardist Chris Keating had previously said that the song was inspired by Henrietta Lacks, a Baltimore woman who had a rare form of cancer which meant her tumours and cells continued to grow after she died in 1951.

'Henrietta' is the first new material that has come from the band since 2010's album Odd Blood. The band tweeted out "Yes, record number three is in the works! Keeping it brief because it should be."

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