Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Album Review- 2:54 "2:54"

2:54 has already started to buzz before their album even dropped touring with Warpaint and the xx, the later of which is currently the only band who can match the phenomenal harmonies of 2:54's sister duo Collette and Hannah Thurlow. This 10 track self-titled album on Fat Possum Records is brining back the early 90s vibe with punk and metal influences to form goth-pop that intimately cloaks your mind, and lurks about in the corners bringing you back for listen after listen.

The sultry harmonies of 2:54 command your attention from the get-go, the rhythm side is what you'll feel in your spine. It's full of upper lip-curling bassline from Joel Porter, and Alex Robin's judgement day drumming. There's always use of negative space and the complementary pop riff to the rhythm on every track. This album is best listened to from start to finish with the concluding track "Creeping" leaving you wanting nothing more (except maybe have another listen).

Adopting a specific track for your name shows the world the biggest influence for your work (Think Fake Plastic Tunes), but choosing a specific time in a specific track for your name defines your sound permanently. The name 2:54 comes from the Melvin's track "A History of Bad Men" right at the 2:54 moment of the track the percussion hits full swing as the bassline falters slightly into a slurry climax of the song. I found my two fifty four moment at 3:21 of track 7 "Circuitry".

Tracks like "Sugar" and "Scarlet" have the ghostly snarl female vocals you'll never tire of as you press your headphones tighter against your head. "You're Early" has a rolling buildup moving the sound right into "Easy Uncover" where the guitar talent really stands out as the Thurlow's echo "If you go, you'll never know" right into the end of the track. 

Check out "You're Early" the single for 2:54 for your first taste of the band about to have a breakout year. I'm giving this album a solid 4.4/5 stars.

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