Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ramona Falls- Live Review (SLC 6/22/12)

Ramona Falls on tour promoting their January release of their sophomore album visited the Urban Lounge in Salt Lake City this weekend. Ramona Falls started as a side project for Brent Knopf of Menomena, and has built a solid reputation with 09’s “Intuit” and this year’s “Prophet” both of which are worth picking up. 

The band grabbed the near sold out crowd’s attention right from the start with a giant backdrop spanning the stage flashing visuals to compliment the music throughout the entire show. These short movies were nothing like the artists’ performances for the evening. Talented multi-instrumental musicians are fun to watch, but on small stage of a bar, the shuffling of instruments makes the talent level go up.

Opening their set with “Bodies of Water”, the crowd was pumped for Brent’s keyboard melody, but was taken back by Paul’s incredibly passionate drumming. My gaze moved only from Brent Knopf's artsy keyboard playing to Paul Alcott's inspiring stage presence. By the third song "The Space Between Lightning and Thunder" I finally came up with an appropriate description of Alcott, he resembles the Simpson’s Sideshow Bob both in appearance and dry humor. Long curly hair bounced all around his head as he violently beat his drums, or jumping up quickly to belt out backup vocals with drumsticks raised to the ceiling.
The set list featured favorites “Clover”, “Russia”, “I Say Fever”, and “Melectric” from their debut album, but with so many great tracks from their new album, I don’t think anyone in the crowd was disappointed with the band's mix of songs from both albums. The closing song “Spore” was an incredible rock anthem that left me excited to see the band live again someday.
Ramona Falls Set List:
Bodies of Water
Archimedes Plutonium
The Space Between Lightning and Thunder
I Say Fever


Here's a live youtube video of the band 

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