Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Review - L'anarchiste EP

I stumbled upon this local band out of Salt Lake City just after their set started opening for Hospitality and Here We Go Magic last month at the Urban Lounge. L'anarchiste is the musical work of Rob LeCheminant, and some members adding their own spin on the collaboration. After chatting briefly with Rob after the show, he told FPT of L'anarchiste's plan for a full length album out later this summer, and of some more gigs they've booked, including opening for Ramona Falls later this month.

The five song EP is really great if you're looking for some chillax tunes to play in your living room while tackle a todo list. Tracks like "Iron" and "Stony" are long and take a few minutes to build, which I'm a huge fan of when artists do this. "Iron" especially hooked me with the melancholy backup vocals singing "oohs", and the mild use of taps from the drums really completes this song. Two of the shorter tracks I really like are "Sleep" and especially "Lights" which is the most upbeat of their tracks. Think Bon Iver tempo with lots more gear onstage. L'anarchiste is starting to make a splash among Salt Lake's artsy folk and rightfully so. Here's their self-titled EP available for free download

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