Friday, July 27, 2012

Band of Horses Twilight Concert Series Review

Lower Dens opened the fourth show of the 2012 Twilight Concert Series promoting their sophomore album Nootropics. For a front woman, Hunter sure did like to hide behind her instruments on the outskirts of the stage, and opted for the other three members to share the spotlight. New songs like "Candy" and "Brains" drew those who arrived early in closer to the stage. It was "In the End is the Beginning" that really showcased band's talented individuals. This 15 minute build up of murky and dark passion from the minds' of Lower Dens set the tone as the sun began to set in the park. 

Band of Horses opened with a surge of momentum without stopping in between songs until they reached their desire energy level from the crowd. The tech guys were running on and off stage shuffling guitars for a good twenty minutes. Ben told the crowd this would be the bands first show in what seemed like months after flying down from Alaska. BoH looked like tour veterans with their stage presence and all the stomping around the stage. 

Of course, the crowd didn't have to wait long for what they wanted, just a few songs in "The Great Salt Lake" was being belted from a packed Pioneer Park. It became a running joke when Bridwell would introduce songs that the next song would be "The Great Salt Lake". The setlist had a good mix for old and new fans, featuring singles from all four of their albums. This ranged from all the members of the band singing the chorus of Mirage Rock's single "Knock Knock"to a heartfelt "Is There A Ghost" from their most underrated album Cease to Begin. Also from the second album, they told a story about how a couple tied the knot to "No One's Gonna Love You".

Band of Horses was nice enough to dedicate the bread and butter of a rock anthem "The Funeral"
those of us who had to work the next morning. The evening's amazing performances came to an end with another surge in momentum as they played a familiar song. It sounded like "The Great Salt Lake", but I think they called all the songs that.

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