Monday, July 23, 2012

Band of Horses/Lower Dens Twilight Concert Series Preview

Band of Horses has steadily gained recognition locally since their first show in SLC in the spring of 2006. The brought down the house at Kilby Court playing "The Great Salt Lake", and with their next visit four years later, they opened with the song named after the same lake as our city for a sold out crowd. Last week's TCS brought in over 20k people, and in anticipation of the band's third show here, we've already seen Band of Horses tickets at the top of the chart for online presale tickets for over a month. Salt Lake is ready for BoH to bring their mellow outdoorsy sound and match the energy of their first two shows with a much larger crowd in the park.

The band has a familiar soft alt-country sound that sounds incredible in person. Looking up at the stage you might not consider the misfits you're gazing upon to even be a legitimate band. Bed Bridwell has nasally distinctive vocals and might light up a few cigarettes onstage (expect a letter to the legislature in the newspaper Friday morning), Tyler Ramsey is possibly the skinniest man to play a guitar ever, Creighton Barrett shows less emotion than a mime while playing drums, and Ryan Monroe looks like he's uncomfortable with crowds, while he tries to hide behind a keyboard. From these misfits you get perfect-pitch in the microphone, awe-inspired guitar harmony, violent drum cracks, and a pizazz from behind the keys.

The band has had several hits make it on television shows and in films since their 2006 release of Everything All The Time, but they became a familiar face on the scene with the 2010 release of Infinite Arms. The third album from the group is considered by many to be their best work, and peaked at number 7 on the US charts. So far, 2012's two released tracks of Mirage Rock have proven to be just as well written as their previous work. Expect  "Knock Knock" and "Dumpster World" to be in Thursday night's setlist, along with the possibility of a few more tracks from Mirage Rock, leaving Salt Lake to be some of the first to hear Band of Horses' followup to their Grammy nominated album.

Show up early to see the opening act Lower Dens. If you're unfamiliar with Lower Dens think the War on Drugs' ambient americano meets Women's shape-shifting noise making, with a touch of Grimes' eccentricity. The band is Jana Hunter's side project consisting of Will Adams on guitar, Carter Tanton on the keyboard, Geoff Graham playing bass, and Nate Nelson drumming. They're all the way from Maryland promoting the release of their new album Nootropics. Their sophomore album was written by Hunter after a 12 month tour opening for earlier Twilight Concert Series artists the Walkmen and Beach House. This album has a more refined sound, while still maintaining the psychedelic folk feel of 2010's Twin-Hand Movement. Lower Dens will set the mood for an act like Band of Horses perfectly with a warm ambience on a hot summer night. 

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