Saturday, July 7, 2012

Beach House - LIVE REVIEW (Twilight Concert Series)

Beach House kicked off Salt Lake City's, 2012 Twilight Concert Series in a big way, giving fans a truly haunting and mesmerizing night of music.  Frontwoman, Victoria Legrand's vocals soared throughout Pioneer Park and she then went on to say "You guys are a miracle".  With Beach House performing live shows at such a high rate it is no wonder how crisp and gorgeous the sound was.  When FPT talked with Legrand back in April she said "For Teen Dream, we did about 180 shows and that’s like a school year. I think that more than that can be kind of destructive."

With back to back critically acclaimed albums in Teen Dream and now Bloom the band have taken the world of dream-pop by storm.  Add in the extensive touring schedule and you get in return a stunning live show that is about as honest a show you will ever see from a band.  Beach House wear their hearts on their sleeves while they are performing, you can feel their intense honesty in their live set.  That honesty is the reason why you get an intimate feeling from the band even when you are one fan out of 10,000. 

Opening night of Twilight was a fantastic start to the Series and Salt Lake City is that much better off now that we got to experience Beach House.  To me seeing them live only adds to my love for their latest effort Bloom.  The album was already high on top of my best of 2012 list, and now with their live experience it makes listening to the album even that much more enjoyable.  Beach House are here to stay and in some ways may be the band of the year with their humble new album and honest live act.


  1. I couldn't find a setlist online anywhere, I think we are out of luck unless a fan took mental notes and jotted it down.