Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beach House & The Walkmen Preview (Twilight Concert Series 2012)

Beach House and the Walkmen are set to kick off the 2012 Summer Twilight Concert Series in Salt Lake City tonight July 5th at Pioneer Park. Gates at 5, Music at 7.

Beach House is currently on tour in support of their fourth full length and critically acclaimed Bloom, which was released in May of this year. Often described as "Dream Pop & Indie Rock." Beach house is a duo from Baltimore consisting of Victoria Legrand (vocals/keys) and Alex Scally (guitar). Forming in 2004, they released their debut self titled LP in 2006 gaining much praise from media sources like Pitchfork, who ranked them # 16 on their best album list. Two years later in 2008 they released Devotion which received similar acclaim. 

In 2010 the group released their third album Teen Dream on Sub Pop. Up to this point Teen Dream was the bands most dynamic sounding and must successful album for good reason. Notable tracks include "Norway", "Walk in the Park" and "Love of Mine." Although, in all honesty the album is incredible from from to back. This brings us up to May 2012 with the release of their latest effort Bloom.

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The Walkmen have been on the scene for a little over 10 years now currently in support of their new album Heaven. The band formed in Washington D.C. in 2000, with many of the members playing in the same bands previously. They released Everyone Who Pretended to Like me Is Gone featuring hits like "We've Been Had." In 2004 the band released Bows + Arrows, which was the album that really put them on the map with hits such as "The Rat", "Little House of Savages" and "138th Street."

Following the release of Bows + Arrows the Walkmen put out A Hundred Miles Off in 2006. In the same year they recorded a cover album of Harry Nilsson's album Pussy Cats, titling it Pussy Cats Starring the Walkmen. In a way this album marked an era with the release of You & Me in 2008, which is nothing short of a masterpiece giving the band a more distinct and mature sound with notable tracks such as "On the Water" and "Canadian Girl." Since then the Walkmen have been producing masterpieces with 2010's Lisbon and now Heaven which was released in May 2012.

It's almost hard to believe the Walkmen and Beach House will be performing on the same stage on the same night. But, they are. I would highly suggest you check out both shows, they won't disappoint.

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The Walkmen - Juveniles from Daniel Arthur on Vimeo.

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