Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Fabulous Miss Wendy 7/13/2012 - LIVE REVIEW

I first heard The Fabulous Miss Wendy when she opened up for Slash in concert in January of 2011. She was full of energy and showed skills at the guitar that made her exciting to watch. I later found and listened to her album and while I’m not a huge fan of her vocal style, I still enjoyed what I heard and was anxious to see her in concert again.
This brings me to Friday night where she played at Liquid Joes.

I was genuinely looking forward to this show and was eager to experience the same sort of energy she showed when opening for Slash. She came on the stage at a quarter to midnight and began with a slick instrumental wail on her pink Strat. She showed a comfortable familiarity with her instrument which is important to see with any guitarist. She was confident as she moved her hands up and down the frets and she continued to show the same skill that I’d first witnessed at the Slash show.
That was until after only four songs when she left the stage and was finished for the night.

Yes you read that right, only four songs.

I have to admit that I was disappointed. I don’t expect these cheaper shows to last all night but it still seems as if a solid hour is what’s expected. An hour says that you appreciate the fans and are willing to give them a well rounded show.
Four songs on the other hand say that you don’t really want to be there. Perhaps there wasn’t a good enough turn out for her to give the rest of us a decent set list. Perhaps the creepy, troll-looking dude covered in fake blood at the front of the stage who recorded Wendy in a perv-like manner was too much for her and she was creeped out and ready to leave.

And perhaps it was the fact that after four opening bands she wasn’t able to hit the stage until almost midnight. Yet this is the life she has obviously chosen and when there was still almost an hour until closing she could have doubled her set list and built a stronger fan base for better word of mouth for the next time she comes around.

Instead, The Fabulous Miss Wendy treated those in attendance at Liquid Joes with little respect. She put on a high energy four songs. She stripped down to her batman bikini top and showed plenty of ass crack to get many of the guys applauding a little extra. But at the end of the day we were there to see her play some music rather than show her tits and ass.

I do give her credit that she was willing to hang out afterwards and pose for pictures with the fans, but this was a concert and we were there to listen to music.

A love for music is what brought us all together for the show in the first place.

I’m not sure if I’d go see her again but if I do I hope that she is willing to give the fans what they paid for.

I mean, seriously, she played twice as long as an opening act for Slash.


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