Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kalle Mattson - Water Falls

Kalle Mattson hails from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and has been putting out music since 2008.  My first listen to Kalle Mattson came today when I checked out his new video for 'Water Falls'.   The song and video has been picking up a fair amount of buzz on YouTube with now nearly 100,000 views in the first week alone.  The man behind the gorgeous music is Kalle Wainio who started out performing songs at the age of 17 under the band name of Kalle Mattson.  He has since  put out a couple of albums and an EP that you can pick up at his site

Take a listen to 'Water Falls' below and if you are like me you will hit the repeat button several times and wonder where this perfect sound came from.  It is a folk/indie gem of a song, and one that crashes the sounds of Jeff Tweedy, Neil Young, and Tallest Man on Earth all together in one instance.  'Water Falls' is Kalle Mattson's ascension to the next level and one that will continue to create a buzz as word of his talent spreads.

The video for 'Water Falls' was directed by Kevin Parry and here is his take on the shoot...
"I wanted to capture the slow-pulsing and escalating feel of the song. For years, I've had the idea of animating a camera through and around a city, so I challenged myself to capture the emotion and pace of the song with wherever this technique would take me. I chose the 'hypnosis' visuals to thematically tie the video together and layered that over top of the non-narrative exploration of San Francisco."


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