Monday, July 16, 2012

Mumford & Sons - Babel ALBUM PREVIEW

Mumford & Sons just announced the release date of their sophomore album Babel which will see the light of day on September 25th.  The album will feature 12 tracks (8 of which you can listen to below), which have already been on heavy rotation at their live shows.  Much of the album was written while the band have been on the road the past 2 years.  "The road has rubbed off into the album" said bassist Ted Dwane.  “The ingredients are very much the same: the four core instruments and a lack of a drummer, which can give it that strange, simple, unique sort of sound. I don’t think we were looking to be too crazy and experimental.”

The band start their tour August 1st and will find their way to Salt Lake City on August 22nd at The Saltair.

Babel Tracklisting:
01. Babel
2. Whispers in the Dark
3. I Will Wait
4. Holland Road
5. Ghosts That We Knew
6. Lover of the Light
7. Lovers’ Eyes
8. Reminder
9. Hopeless Wanderer
10. Broken Crown
11. Below My Feet
12. Not With Haste

Whispers In The Dark

I Will Wait

Ghosts That We Knew

Lover of the Light

Lovers' Eyes

Hopeless Wanderer

Broken Crown

Below My Feet

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