Monday, July 2, 2012

Sigur Rós - Rembihnútur VIDEO

Sigur Rós are back with another installment of their Valtari Mystery Film Experiment and this time around the track 'Rembihnútur' gets a makeover. The video is directed by Arni & Kinski, and showcases a variety of people with their eyes closed, either praying, meditating or probably just listening to Sigur Ros.

Here is the statement from the directer on the making of the 'Rembihnutur' video...
"The much needed changes in the world will happen through changes within each and every one of us. we all want and need love. this film is a celebration of sigur rós's music and the benefit it is having in the elevation of consciousness that is happening with humankind. people are finding strength in love, care, and respect for themselves, each other, and the world we live in.

for the last twelve years meditation has been a way of life for us. going within, releasing emotions, moving through negativity, judgment, discouragement, and the fears that are so often in the mind.

being able to move from the mind into the heart. this is what the music of sigur rós helps us to do and we use it as a tool in our meditation. in meditation we are able to feel and move through our emotions allowing us to drop deeper within our hearts. from this depth of heart we are finding more acceptance, compassion, love, gratitude, passion, clarity, intuitive thinking and much much more. we hope this video will inspire you to do your part in elevating the consciousness of the planet in whatever way that may be."

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