Monday, July 23, 2012

Teen Daze Kilby Court - Live Review

The Vancouver electro-pop act known as Teen Daze, who is actually only comprised of one individual, was a tough act to follow last Wednesday. Teen Daze Kicked off the night last opening for White Arrows and Beat Connection at Kilby Court (Salt Lake City).

He released his debut LP All Of Us, Together in June 2012 after a prolific stretch of EP's dating back to 2010. The ambient tracks also bring a lot of life and energy to the table, which came out through live. About half way through, he thanked everyone for coming early to see him, saying "it's nice to see everyones faces in the light" especially since he typically plays in darker clubs/venues which is a more appropriate setting for his music. 

As the night continued, often singing, he played a good mix from ambient to upbeat electro-pop tracks. Midway through the set, he played two new songs, which seemed to be more upbeat and hit harder. For the final song he asked, "do you want to hear something fast or mellow?" The general consensus of the crowd was "Fast!"

Teen Daze, who is comparable to acts such as a Washed Out or Tycho, is onto something, and definitely worth checking out. Hinting at the possibility of a new album, I would recommend catching him sooner than later.

See also FPT's review of White Arrows and Beat Connection at the Cactus Club (Milwaukee). 

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