Monday, August 27, 2012

Band Of Horses - Knock Knock VIDEO

Band of Horses are all set to release their new album Mirage Rock on September 18th via Sup Pop.  They have a brand new video up for the first single off the album 'Knock Knock' which can be seen below.  The video features the band members in a cheesy Western like nature exhibit.  Pretty clear most of this video is shot in Utah and around the Great Salt Lake, and the Salt Flats.  I almost feel at home while watching.

Here is BOH singer Ben Bridwell's take on the video....
"We had some really great treatments sent to us from different directors, but this one stood out as the most interesting and fitting for our personalities. Jared really made us feel at ease, even in the planning stages before the shoot. He listened to our concerns and took extra care to make us feel like we stayed within our element, while at the same time pushing us to get good performances. It was a hell of a long day, but an exciting adventure for us in getting to see these beautiful parts of Utah and being around the great group of people that Jared hired for the shoot.
It seems fitting that we'd finally get to shoot a video around Salt Lake City, as we've got a song that pays tribute to the area called "The Great Salt Lake" from our first album. Better late than never."

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