Friday, August 17, 2012

Dog Is Dead - Any Movement

Dog Is Dead has had my attention for some time now and with their official debut album coming out on October 8th my ears are once again perked up. Here is what the band have to say about the new album All Our Favourite Stories...
"Our debut album All Our Favourite Stories is nearly here! It's a summary of 5 years of us growing up and making music together. It's inspired by the highs, the lows, every drunken night, every nose bleed, the bliss of new love and everything that follows".

Take a listen to track number 10 on the album 'Any Movement' and also check out the tracklisting.

All Our Favourite Stories Tracklisting:
1. Get Low
2. Do The Right Thing
3. Teenage Daughter
4. Talk Through The Night
5. River Jordan
6. Two Devils
7. Hands Down
8. Glockenspiel Song
9. Heal It
10. Any Movement
DELUXE Version:11. Young
12. The Well
13. Ricochet
14. Burial Ground
15. Talent Show
16. All Our Favourite Outtakes

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