Monday, September 24, 2012

Beach House- Live REVIEW- 9/16- Atlanta, GA

As one can ascertain from hearing any release from the Beach House catalogue, the band's live experience is the auditory equivalent of a cinematic dream sequence.  Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally (along with touring percussionist, Daniel Franz) achieve an almost Lynchian-level of cerebral daze while sacrificing none of the warmth and tranquility that has become their trademark.

You will see fewer shows as steady and chill as a Beach House concert- September 16th at Atlanta's Variety Playhouse was no exception.  Like most acts, Beach House can live and die by sound quality and venue acoustics- and the band overcame some early technical issues to deliver a performance both memorable and surprisingly exciting.  Finishing up with an eighteen-song setlist that included a three-song encore, including tunes from all three albums, the show remained hypnotic from start to finish- even through the early tech problems- due to the magnetic presence of Victoria LeGrand. Gently controlling the ebb and flow of the audience's awe and excitement, there was never a moment where LeGrand didn't own the stage in an almost evangelical manner.

1. Wild
2. Walk in the Park
3. Norway
4. Other People
5. Lazuli
6. Gila
7. Used to Be
8. Silver Soul
9. The Hours
10. Real Love
11. New Year
12. Zebra
13. Wishes
14. Take Care
15. Myth

16. Turtle Island
17. 10 Mile Stereo
18. Irene

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- Fr. Jones

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