Friday, September 21, 2012

French Films - Shoreline Dreams (B-Side)

French Films just released their 7" single 'When People Like You Filled The Heavens' and on it there is a nice B-side 'Shoreline Dreams'. I am no stranger in French Films music catalog, and in fact any chance I can get at hearing a new tune from the Finns I will gladly take. The B-side track was recorded awhile back, when the band was working on Imaginary Future.




    Sorry for not getting back to you before, James (and on Twitter).
    Parents were visiting.
    Decided to reply leaving a message here :) People should comment and engage more with bloggers (including myself)!

    Keep the ├╝ber fantastic work, sir!

  2. Thanks for the comment, and kind words. Thought you would like that tune. How is life going on your music blog?

    1. Everything's going fine... haven't had the time to listen to much music lately and even less time to update the blog. If it was a blog to keep up with the news and not a place to post things that I think are worth to take a listen it'd probably be over by now :)

      This morning did a post about Abadabad. Do you know them? Take a listen to 'All the Bros Say'. Pop at its best!