Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Concert Preview - Father John Misty & La Sera - Lincoln Hall 10/30

The end of the month of October holds huge opportunities for music lovers in the hub of the Milwaukee/Chicago area. And although this particular tour is skipping Milwaukee, it's a must-see for me, so making the trek to Chicago will definitely be worth it.

I mean, what better way to spend the days before Halloween than with the tongue-in-cheek cunning of Josh Tillman aka Father John Misty at one of my favorite venues in America's Midwest? I'm far-reached to find one, and if you have something better, I dare you to present it to me.

The bill for this show is a complete winner, with La Sera opening up for FJM. Former member of Vivian Girls, Katy Goodman, performs now as La Sera, and released her sophomore album earlier this year: Sees The Light. The album serves as a breakup manifesto, almost, with tracks based entirely on the musical aspects of getting over someone, even if that person is yourself. 

The beautiful red-headed songstress will be performing songs from Sees The Light as well as her self-titled debut album, and with the right amount of crowd support, the sing-along aspects of the songs will play like early-Weezer tracks or your favorite Yuck songs. Each song off her new album, whether dreary and self-loathing ("Love That's Gone" or "Don't Stay") or upbeat and pop-punk influenced (such as "Break My Heart") maintains a country sensibility to it. To be completely honest, La Sera is one of my favorite new artists I've heard from this year; "Real Boy" is an almost nauseatingly catchy song that will be played on heavy rotation from now until the day of the show. You can find a song off the new album below.

Since hearing Father John Misty back in Spring of this year, I've been anxiously awaiting seeing the Josh Tillman alter-ego live. His album, Fear Fun, is easily one of my favorite albums of the year. Tillman, of Fleet Foxes fame, offers a new sound with FJM, without straying too far from the sound Fleet Foxes has been known for, producing songs deeply influenced by folk music of days' past. The twist that comes with the new sound is a little bit more electric rock and a humorous sense of self-deprecation, brought forth in the music's lyrics. Each song off the album is a spectacle in some shape or form, and Tillman's live performance on Letterman earlier this year gives reason enough to catch his live show.

Fear Fun captures a sound that cures every aspect of Fleet Foxes that grew tiresome after a while. At times, Foxes got to be a little droning and tiresome, with a lot of the tracks bleeding in to another, not offering much different of a sound than the previous song. I'm not saying Foxes doesn't make beautiful, graceful music, but Father John Misty is a well-received change of pace and worth every moment spent listening to.

Take a listen to highlighted tracks from both artists below, videos from Father John Misty for "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings" and La Sera's "Real Boy/Drive On" video.

Father John Misty - "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings"

La Sera - "Real Boy/Drive On"

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