Saturday, October 6, 2012

Concert PREVIEW: Passion Pit & Youngblood Hawke: Riverside Theater Nov. 1

This time of year is always busy in Milwaukee, especially for an avid concert-goer. October thru November brings some amazing names through the midwest, with many of them making stops in Milwaukee, Chicago, and the Minneapolis areas. It can be difficult for one to make choices with a limited budget in mind, so careful deliberation must be taken in order to not waste your hard-earned money.

Well I present you with probably one of the safest bets of the season in Milwaukee: Passion Pit is slotted to perform November 1 at the always remarkable Riverside Theater. The show is general admission, which means your spot in the theater is first-come, first-serve. And that's not the only reason to show up early.

Opening band Youngblood Hawke are a group of musicians that have been through quite a bit on their own, individual musical endeavors and in result came together to produce music much more inspirational and personal. The group, based out of L.A., are a perfect fit to be the opening act for a group like Passion Pit.

Much like Passion Pit, Youngblood Hawke focuses on electro-pop and catchy synth parts behind multi-layered vocals. The songs are inspiring and uplifting in nature, featuring heavy amounts of sing-along choruses that will more than likely go over just fine with the crowd that shows up early. The band will be performing tracks off of their recently released self-titled EP. Be sure to check out the album, streaming over at Soundcloud before the show.

Passion Pit is touring in efforts to promote their newest album, Gossamer, which came out this summer. Equally as poppy as it is emotionally overridden, the album delivers great sing-alongs paired with incredibly visceral lyrics. And (whether it was planned or not) the album came with quite a buzz about it, as frontman Michael Angelakos revealed his troubled past, and his coping with depression and bipolar disorder. His condition reached a point that was so concerning, it forced the group to cancel many dates this past summer, so that Angelakos could recover and not be forced to deal with the stress of touring for months on end.

I got the chance to see Passion Pit at Lollapalooza this year, and was somewhat underwhelmed. Their set seemed disconnected, and there were rumors that Angelakos was reading lyrics from a teleprompter (I have yet to confirm this as true). However, I gave the band a pass on their poor performance, mainly due to the fact that the band hadn't really played live too many times before that, since the new album (and Angelakos' conditions) were released. Not a lot of practice time, I'd hope, was the reason behind the disappointing sound.

But all that can change on November 1. I've seen Passion Pit play live in club and theater settings, and they did nothing but amaze and deliver. Their sound was pitch perfect and the energy was intense and uplifting. One can hope that this time through Milwaukee, Passion Pit will deliver exactly what we all know they're capable of: sing-alongs and smiles on the faces of every individual lucky enough to catch their show.

Be sure to check out the Official After Party/ Passion Pit DJ Set at Milwaukee's Library Club after the show! You can buy tickets here - only $5 for a limited time!

Unlike any area media outlet, Fake Plastic Tunes will have FULL COVERAGE (including photo coverage) of this show and the After Party, so be sure to check back when the show's done!

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