Wednesday, October 24, 2012

You Won't - Television

I actually somehow just stumbled across You Won't today and have had to play the debut album Skeptic Goodbye a couple times already. This song 'Television' is about as catchy as a song that I can recall in some time. Their sound reminds me a lot of that of The Tallest Man On Earth, just a straight up honest and heart felt, folksy sound that you always seem to want to come back to.

Take a listen to the song below along with an acoustic version.



  1. Yes I love the song. I find it soothing and it is nice. Thanks for sharing this song.

  2. The video was awesome and the band was performing very well. I like it very much.The music was providing much relaxation to minds. I can remember it any time I need and also would suggest everyone to listen the song. In future I expect this band would relish us with more tunes and which would continue to fulfill the demands of all music lovers.