Monday, November 5, 2012

Desert Noises "I Won't See You" and "Tour Only 7'"

As the followup to 2011's Mountain Sea, Provo, Utah band Desert Noises is releasing some new material, which becomes available tomorrow on iTunes. If you are ever so lucky to see them live they will be selling the "Tour Only 7 Inch."

Desert Noise's consisits of four individuals from Utah Valley, Kyle Henderson, Tyler Osmond, Patrick Boyer and Brennan Allen. Their musical influences range from Tom Petty to Modest Mouse, bringing an interesting array of sounds to the table. The bands mixture of blues, americana and pyschedlic rock combined with Kyle Henderson's powerful vocals and lyrical ability creates a unique sound proving them to be one of the most powerful bands to come out of Utah in the last few years. Not to mention their unforgettable live stage presence, which can be seen in the upcoming months as the guys head out on the road. Tour Dates Here. Enjoy their new single "I Won't See You" live below and be sure to check out their new EP.

 Be sure to check out their latest Audiotree Session or visit for more music.

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