Monday, November 19, 2012

Japandroids - LIVE REVIEW 11/17/2012 - SLC, UT

I have already stated several times over the year that I believed Japandroids to not only be the band of the year, but also the band that has the album (Celebration Rock), and song (The House That Heaven Built) of the year.  Well after seeing the Canadian duo of Brian King and David Prowse perform at Urban Lounge in Salt Lake City, Utah on Saturday night I think it is also safe to add the title of Live Act of the year.  The energy and raw emotion that they put into their live set is incredible, and you can tell that playing their music is what drives them to keep going.  There was never a dry moment in their set, and they came to play for the SLC (Johnny Utah) crowd and vowed to leave nothing on the table by the nights end. 

They dove into their entire music catalog with a solid mix of old and new tunes.  They played each song as if it was their last of the night and really never let up and gave the fans a full 90+ minutes of pure Canadian Garage-Rock (Or whatever you want to call it).  Brian would often go off in between songs in a light mannered way just chit chatting about their music, the fans, Canada, Salt Lake City, or any other random topic but once it was time to play the next song it was all business and it seemed as though each song started with a bang.   It was such a nice treat to see a band play so wreckless and loud and fast as Japandroids - It basically put all those indie bands I have been hearing over the past 2-3 years to shame. 

Some of the individual song highlights for me were 'The Boys Are Leaving Town', 'Wet Hair' and 'Rockers East Vancouver' from their 2009 effort Post-Nothing.  'Darkness on the Edge of Gastown' was also great to hear live which is the opening track from their sophomore album No Singles.  Then came the songs from Celebration Rock and as an album I have been listening to on repeat over the past few months I was thrilled.  Of couse they played 'The House That Heaven Built' to a thunderous crowd and others like 'Fire's Highway' and 'The Nights of Wine and Roses' were well received.  The highlight of the whole set for me was my favourite Japandroids song in 'Continuous Thunder'.  It is probably the slowest, calmest song from their entire catalog and when they played it they finally got to catch their breathe for a few minutes. 

It was an all around great night of music and one that will be ringing in my ears for some time.  So a specail thank you to Brain and David from all your fans here in Johnny Utah!

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